HELP!!!! Need Replacement TracFone

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HELP!!!! Need Replacement TracFone

Postby jumprun3 » Tue May 09, 2023 12:11 pm

I sincerely hope someone from TracFone can help me with a horrible problem.

In early April my TracFone Samsung A02 stopped working, wouldn't turn on even though it was fully charged. I contacted Customer Service and/or Tech Support. They had me try various fixes but nothing worked. They told me they would send me a replacement phone, as soon as they received my defective one. They emailed me a UPS shipping label and assigned Ticket Number 1275315874. UPS Tracking shows the Return Center in La Verne, TN received my defective phone on April 10. I waited patiently for the replacement to arrive.

After a week, I called TracFone to see what the status of my replacement was. When I selected "Check Ticket Status" from the automated menu, the machine told me a package had been shipped to me and asked if I would like the Tracking Number. I said Yes, waited several seconds then the machine said "Is there anything else I can help you with?" It never gave me the tracking number, and sent me back to the main menu. When I called back, I got the same (NO) results.

I have called and spoken to TracFone agents in the Philippines and/or India 7 times in the last two weeks. The first person I talk to always verifies that they have received my defective phone but they can never find the problem with my replacement. Then they always transfer me to someone supposedly in their "Warehouse Department." This second person checks my account, confirms that they received my old phone and says they shipped a replacement. But when I ask for the Tracking Number, they tell me they cannot provide it because they have already emailed it to me. I explain that I received no such email, and certainly no replacement phone, and ask again that they give me the tracking number of the replacement phone. They still refuse. The agent last night said she would "investigate" the issue and give me a call back in 30 minutes to my non-TracFone phone. She never called back.

This is the worst experience I've had in recent years. I have no idea what's going on at TracFone. They've screwed me out of a full month of usage and still have not shipped the replacement phone they promised, and their refusing to give me a Tracking number is totally wrong.

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