My text balance has disappeared. Did I really use it up?

My text balance has disappeared. Did I really use it up?

Postby CrankyBeach » Mon Jan 02, 2023 6:20 pm

Last time I checked my voice, text and data balances just about 5 weeks ago, I had an SMS balance of 2648. Yesterday my phone refused to either receive or send texts, with "message not sent service not activated on network" popping up. I tried everything I could to troubleshoot, and finally thought to check my balances. I have plenty of minutes and enough data to get by... but SMS balance is 0. Did I REALLY send that many texts in the last 5 weeks? Or is there some snafu here? I rely on texts to notify me of very important things, so I need to know ASAP whether I have truly run out of available texts and need to buy more, or whether there has been a glitch in the system. Thank you.

Edited to add: I am about to purchase 1000 additional texts for $5, as I really need to receive texts in a timely manner. Hopefully those ones won't vanish like the other ones did....

Edited again to add, when I try to purchase the additional texts I get a message saying my transaction cannot be processed at this time, with the suggestion to call a toll-free number. I tried changing the payment method to PayPal rather than a credit card; that would not go through either. I tried calling the number; it clicked as if someone had answered, but then there were a couple of minutes of silence and then I was disconnected. No person ever came onto the line.

This is getting very, very old.... I've been a customer for decades, only to come to this. I am NOT happy.

Final edit: I called again and got through. The customer service rep insisted that I did indeed use up over 2000 texts in 5 weeks. I find that very, very hard to believe... I've NEVER used that many texts and have always had a balance that rolled over. She was able to put through my order for 1000 texts for $5 so that is taken care of, but I would still like for someone to dig deeply into the records and come up with some proof that I actually used that many texts in such a short period of time.
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