transfer minutes

transfer minutes

Postby CRELLIN » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:43 pm

This is the hard forum board I have ever had trying to log in, I get a new pass word but when I try it it tells me it is not correct.
I tried to contact the board administer by email got no answer. What goes?

My question concerns two things first the new phone is a cheap one it is a ztea233vl. I need to get it activited but when I turn it on I cannot get is shut off. I have read the instructions how do I shut it down?

I have a smart phone which is what it is but it will take me ten minutes just to type a test message it's a mess.. Not have with it I am 83 years and cannot thing as fast,

I have asceertained that I can us a minute phone card that I purchase at wal mart on the ztez233vl is that correct?
I do not like dealing over the internet for anything.
Thanks to whom ever answers my problems in advances and who do I contact to ge the new phone actived

Please forgive mistakes typos etc. Thanks in advace
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