TracFone worsened after takeover by Verizon

TracFone worsened after takeover by Verizon

Postby dchmelik » Thu Oct 27, 2022 6:33 pm

TracFone used to be good before takeover by Verizon, but had various problems 10+ years ago. An early time they tried to transfer (port) my phone number to a new phone, they didn't keep records, then didn't complete the port, then we lost service we paid for (to this day over $2,000 worth of service). After Verizon took over TracFone, they sent a family member a new SIM and--before it had even been installed--transferred the phone number to that, resulting in loss of service when needing to make an important call about coming home. If you check the Better Business Bureau (though has less power in contrast to large companies like Verizon) TracFone's record-keeping still is at an unprofessional/amateur level, resulting in thousands losing service like we did.
        I used to recommend TracFone but now wouldn't, rather than saying research ratings/reviews and decide what would work for you, whether that's TracFone or not.
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