problem tethering

problem tethering

Postby Nick_Levinson » Sat Aug 19, 2023 6:16 pm

I want to tether my TracFone phone to a laptop of mine for data. I don't have home Internet service. In my TracFone Alcatel A406DL phone (a flip phone), even with over 11 GB of data paid for and available, Settings > Network & Connectivity > Mobile network & Data > Data Connection > On, and Settings > Network & Connectivity > Mobile network & Data > Wi-Fi > Off, and a data cable connecting the phone to the laptop, then in the phone with Settings > Network & Connectivity > Internet Sharing > USB Tethering > On, and with the phone's browser showing Web content albeit limited to one website that I apparently can't change, I don't seem to be getting access to the Internet in my laptop's browser. My laptop, which runs on Fedora Linux, evidently sees something coming from the phone, but not enough to me Web access.

I understand from your forum that up to about 5 years ago you did not support tethering, but I see in your Terms & Conditions ("providing connectivity to other devices is permitted through mobile hotspot/tethering that is limited to the amount of data allocated with your Plan") and in your phone's Settings that now it's permissible.

What might I be doing wrong in trying to tether?

Thank you.
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