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Missing Earned and Pending Rewards Points

PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2022 8:10 pm
by fcpete
Hi, I was going over my rewards points and it appears that a couple of my earned rewards points have disappeared and two "Add a Line" bonuses are not showing in my "Pending" list. The missing points are listed properly in my "MY REWARDS ACTIVITY" list, but the total does not appear to include them (it is short by 7,250 points).

The missing earned point are:

1. A 250 point "Enrollment in Auto-Refill" bonus from 10/4/2022
2. A 7,000 point "Add a Line" bonus from 2/12/2021

Also, two 10,000 point "Add a Line" bonuses for recent line additions and activations are not showing in the "Pending" category. These are for lines added and activated on 9/21/2022 and 10/26/2022.

Could you look into this? I would like to make sure that both the earned points and pending points are showing in my account properly. Thanks.