Family Value Plan Fiasco

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Family Value Plan Fiasco

Postby sprintracer » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:55 pm

We have been tracfone customers on the family value plan since 2010. I see many folks having phones dropped of the plan and I have had that a few times as well in the past, but it just got worse for me. Early 2017 I moved 2 of our 3 phones to Net10 (same company as Tracfone) and was assured at the time that my remaining phone could stay in the family value plan. Had some issues of course, with it dropping out, but had it working for some period of time. In Dec 2017 finally convinced the wife to upgrade from her slider phone. During the transfer I validated once again that the number would still be in the family value plan and even got an email saying it was enrolled during the transfer process. Fast forward and we never got charged or got minutes for January. Went on chat this morning to try and straighten it out and was assured by the person that they would resolve my issue :lol: After 'reprogramming' my phone and having me turn it off and then on, I still saw nothing. When I asked when I would see the charge and minutes I was told when I run out of minutes. I knew this was going to be painful. After explaining the the support person the difference between family plan and pay as you go. I got their standard response when they give up or don't know what to do. "you need to call the 1 888 number, we can't do anything related to credit cards on chat" mind you they have all my credit card info and I was on the plan, they dropped it.

So I call the 888 number and was first told that they couldn't find a family value plan available. After a little displeasure in my experience they where miraculously able to find it. Then they couldn't charge my credit card and went for help and dug through the error message only to tell me you can only enroll in family value plan with two or more phones. I WAS ENROLLED,YOU DROPPED ME! So I asked if I added the old phone back with a new number for one month ($5) then I could get back in and was told 'yes'. Of course as mush of a pain that would be I still knew it would be even more painful as I had confirmed I could keep the phone on the family value plan every step of the way so far and 'yes' didn't mean yes. They obviously want to do away with the family plan and are making it as difficult to keep as possible. Not a great way to treat customers that have been loyal for years. Now need to decide if it is worth the hassle or find a new provider.

Please don't send me a PM telling me to call the 1888 number. They were of no help.....
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Re: Family Value Plan Fiasco

Postby TracFone - Larry » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:43 am

Hi sprintracer. My name is TracFone Larry. I read your post and am sorry you’re having some problems. For further assistance, please check your forum inbox for a message. Click on "New Messages" beside User Control Panel to view your forum inbox. Thank you.
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