All my prepaid data lost upon registering for authorenewal

All my prepaid data lost upon registering for authorenewal

Postby swan2swan » Thu Dec 01, 2022 10:18 am

I encountered some problems with loging to my tracfone account
so I contacted customer service

They insisted that my sim card was not compatible
But before that all was fine as far as my phone working
They send me new sim card anyway and there were problems with my phone
Took hours to make my phone work after talking to several technicians
Finally all was good but I still could not log in to my account

Talk to higher lever and gentelmen fixed my log in but other person removed my my authorenewal for reasons not known to me

Upor renewing again by another technician by phone, all my accumulated data disappeared

So I talked again with several technicians. They all say that there is no record of any data nor purchas before November 27 but I have all statments from my bank

Also, yesterday TF guy name Mike called me on my cell phone instead my home number.
He said that calls from customers service are not deducted but 48 minutes actually dissapeard too so he was not telling the truth and I lost minuttes again from my last purchase that I made to keep my phone working

I am very upset. This is a highways robbery!!
Where can I take this issue to get some help?
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