Activating Wi-Fi Calling

Activating Wi-Fi Calling

Postby Aimhere » Thu Sep 08, 2022 7:57 am


I am a longtime Tracfone customer. I have never been able to activate Wi-Fi Calling, in spite of having used two different phones that support the feature (my old Google Pixel 3a, and new Google Pixel 6a). The Wi-Fi Calling option exists in the phone's settings, but when I try to activate it, it eventually times out and fails.

I went to the Tracfone page to check for Wi-Fi Calling compatiblity, entered my phone number, and the code sent by text message, but it tells me my phone is not compatible (even though, as stated, the phone has the feature).

Now, it says one requirement for Wi-Fi Calling is a Wi-Fi Calling-enabled SIM. I am using a Tracfone SIM that is at least 5 years old, on the Verizon network. Do I actually need to get a new Tracfone SIM to get this working?

Also, I read a thread on this forum where a user discovered that "older" Tracfone accounts (like mine) do not have Wi-Fi calling enabled in the account itself, ***even if*** they have a compatible SIM AND phone, and that users may have to call Tracphone Corporate HQ to get it enabled in the account. Is this true?

Please help.
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