phone stopped working suddenly

Re: phone stopped working suddenly

Postby bungtweeze » Sat Mar 26, 2022 12:03 am

Tracfone looser wrote: ...

...I CANNOT DIAL OUT OR RECIEVE CALLS suddenly, so I CANNOT get a callback, or dial "611611"!!!
This is my only phone, so NO alternate phone number and nobody to "borrow" a phone from. ...
If I reset my " network settings", I get phone back, ...

...My wife and I both have the same phones, bought our sims the same day, and use the same plan, but her phone works fine.

Reset network settings for voice service & leave it that way for as long as necessary to get this resolved or have them call you on your wife's phone. And stop being ridiculous about whether your # has been hijacked. Tracfone now has an interdiction regimen in place to prevent fraudulent # hijacking. Look it up. If your # had been hijacked, your phone would display a SIM fault state & you would have no cellular service at all except possibly being able to call 911.
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