Verizon ending CDMA service end of 2019

Verizon ending CDMA service end of 2019

Postby malcontent » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:56 pm

Verizon is going to switch off CDMA service on 12-31-2019.

When that happens then any tracfone that uses CDMA that doesn't support VoLTE (Voice over LTE) will stop working.

Can someone from tracfone list the names of tracfones that do support VoLTE (Voice over LTE)? Phones that will continue to work after 2019 on Verizon? Including the affordable ones?

Is Tracfone going to inform current customers that this going to happen and help them switch to a compatible tracfone? ... se-218813/
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Re: Verizon ending CDMA service end of 2019

Postby malcontent » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:42 am

Any suggestions for compatible phones that will work on Verizon after the year 2019?
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Re: Verizon ending CDMA service end of 2019

Postby tomseys » Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:53 pm

I'm not from Tracfone but based on my experience I believe most or all of the latest and most recent Tracfone branded Verizon models support voLTE and are voLTE enabled.

My Tracfone branded Samsung J3 Luna Pro from 2017 has voLTE and HD voice and doesn't use CDMA/1xRTT for calls when I have the voLTE calls setting set to "on" (I always keep it set to on). Voice call are over LTE (voLTE) and when I connect with another Verizon phone, I get an HD symbol in the dialer and HD voice call quality.

In other words, in addition to having voLTE, when I call other Verizon phones I have HD Voice. HD voice is a special high quality call codec that voLTE makes possible if the two phones are using it. So far, I've only seen HD voice between two Verizon phones that are voLTE enabled. But voLTE works regardless of who you are calling.

The voLTE setting and where it is on a given Tracfone depends on the phone brand and possibly OS. Samsung usually keeps it in Settings/Connections/Mobile networks/VoLTE calls. This should be switched on. It likely will be by default.

On LG phones, it may be located in Settings/Advanced Calling. Motos should be similar.

You can tell if the phone is using voLTE by downloading an app like Signal check or LTE discovery and running it to see what the phone is doing when you make calls. If you have voLTE set to on and make a call, you will see the phone is using LTE to make the call, and not 1xRTT.

You may also notice that if you turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data, you are able to make a call and use the internet (browse the web) at the same time, something not normally possible without voLTE on a Verizon phone.

And as mentioned above, if you call someone who uses Verizon as service provider, you may notice an HD symbol in the phone dialer and the call quality should be unusually clear and good.

I've seen a voLTE setting and HD voice on the TF Samsung J3 Luna Pro, TF Samsung J3 orbit, TF Samsung j7 crown, TF Samsung J7 Sky Pro and LG Fiesta 2. I believe any Tracfone smartphone made in the past year or so will be voLTE capable and should have the setting enabled. That said, I did have to call in one time to get voLTE enabled on one phone that was missing the voLTE setting (a Luna Pro) and it was provisioned to the sim.

The only phone I haven't seen it on, and I think this is because it is an old phone and is not voLTE capable, is the Tracfone Galaxy J1 Luna.. which I think is from 2016.
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