The Galaxy S7 uses CDMA (Verizon Towers)

The Galaxy S7 uses CDMA (Verizon Towers)

Postby Myhrddin » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:08 pm

I'd been using T-Mobile and then the AT&T SIMs in my phone because I still need phone service when I'm taking care of my parents. And, then my old phone fell in the toilet and I was in immediate need of a replacement.

I'd been using a great zte Axon 7 mini since they first came into the US, even getting in as basically an early adopter so.. I'd had it a while. Until that fateful day I found out it wasn't a diving phone.. all had been peachy (for the most part).

With the sale on the older Samsung S7 ..seemed like a good deal. Had a SIM slot so, thinking I'd be able to just move my existing one over and get back up & running.. I ordered it. I could have gotten it unlocked elsewhere for less it turns out and, would have been using the towers I needed but, I blindly trusted that my existing configuration would somehow just keep working.. It doesn't.

I can not use this phone because it's critical that it work where my parents live and not "kinda work".

But, the surprises weren't over yet. I had watched vids to be sure I could customize the Galaxy S7 in the ways that I do all my phones so they're easy & quick and dispense with all the (to me) dreaded white screens. Everything on that front looked great ..except the phone I got from TF does not have anything like the settings that all the others in the online vids have and I am pretty good at digging around to find things in spite of a few changes but, nope.

It neither fully acknowledges my MicroSD with all of it's content or, even has the ability to allow me to move those apps off internal to keep it from filling up the 32gb internal storage. I knew I was stepping down by half, from the 64gb I'd used but, thought it would be fine with being able to shift most apps not baked into the phone. Nope, can't do that either.

I'd gotten the wireless charge stand since it wasn't going to work with any of my USB Type-C equipment and I'm not a huge fan of the one direction only Micro-USB plug anyway. And, got a nice case for it as well.. And, that's fine.. I do those type things so when a phone arrives.. I'm ready.

But, having to lower the resolution to try to keep it from burning through it's battery so quickly, wasn't expecting that. And, being limited on installing if I want to keep enough "elbow room" in the internal storage to keep it from slowing down.. and, not being able to use GSM Towers... This phone will not work for me in Real Life.. and if I'd been able to justify the crazy high prices of a newer near-flagship phone well, I would have done that to begin with.

Oh.. and the Time/Data/Txt I had to buy with the phone .. Did it add Onto my existing totals and expiration... Hint.. Nope. I have 2 expirations now with all their own stats and the new one gets used before it goes back to using my regular. No extension on expiration or additions to the regular account stats. Really.?.!!

I'm putting all this in so hopefully nobody else in my situation ends up as I have with this. I really do not have the budget to have to buy another phone but, this time, I will not let TF send me what it wants to and go back to BYOP that I will know exactly what I'm getting.

I'm still just boiling over this and it's just one more strike in my TF book. Not a Happy Camper.!

Sincerely, Myr
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Re: The Galaxy S7 uses CDMA (Verizon Towers)

Postby Myhrddin » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:38 pm

Update :: Today I can't even make a call.
A Verizon message comes up and says something like.. "This call can not be completed because there are restrictions on the line".

So, it appears that it's gone from problematic to unusable now.
I do not even know what to say at this point.

I'm very unhappy about this entire situation and now it's the weekend -- and I'm guessing it's going to go into the following week before anything even can begin to happen to deal with it.

I would NOT have bought this phone from TF (at a higher price, mind you) if I'd have known it used Verizon towers and paid less & done the byop by purchasing one that I knew was GSM Unlocked.
So far, TF has suggested I call the customer service line.. Um, I've been down that road enough times with them to realize they can't solve it if it's not on one of their screens.. So, I dunno.. Guess I'll have to go buy a GoPhone to get service since I'm not dumping another penny in here with already thousands of minutes and lotsa gb data on one plan, not counting the one I had to buy with the phone that's completely separate and expires in 30 days on it's own, losing it's data, etc.

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Re: The Galaxy S7 uses CDMA (Verizon Towers)

Postby TracFone - Maria » Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:59 pm

Hi Myhrddin. I'm TracFone Maria. We understand where you're coming from. Please accept our deepest apology for the inconvenience you have encountered. Let's look further into this matter, and work to get this resolved as soon as possible. Please check your Forum inbox for a message. Click on "New Messages" beside User Control Panel to view your forum inbox. You can use our self-service menu by simply texting the word HELP to 611611. Thank you.
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