What is the truth about the "Device Pulse" app?

What is the truth about the "Device Pulse" app?

Postby davexnet » Thu Nov 18, 2021 7:28 pm

I am not happy, along with many, many others complaining in the Play Store about this Tracfone app.
The canned response seems to be that if you engage in a chat session, they'll be able to help -
and this response is given when users are looking for a way to disable the app.

OK, so I took the bait, and today I spoke to them. It *seemed* as if he was doing something,
had me restart the phone and even remove/reinstall the sim.

Nothing he tried helped. When I asked about what he had attempted he gave me no information at all.
He set up a call back and later that day I spoke to one of the Tracfone reps.

This second guy claimed absolute ignorance about what the first guy was attempting, and just repeated
the line that in-built apps can not be uninstalled or disabled. Which is a lie, it's only because tracfone
set it up this way.

So what's the truth? Was the first guy just playing charades with me? Some kind of game?

The second guy was either lying through his teeth, or it could be from ignorance -
I don't know. Either case is pretty bad, three people I've communicated with now, none of them
taking responsibility and telling me the truth
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