Apple iPhone SE (GEN 3)

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Apple iPhone SE (GEN 3)

Postby Ron_C » Mon Jan 08, 2024 4:37 pm

I wanted to share my experience with transferring my DW old phone (iPhone 6S) to a new Apple iPhone SE GEN 3 which came out in 2022. This iPhone was bought at an Apple Store, it is not a TF branded iPhone.

My DW has had a TF account for a long time. Sunday, I called TF to help switch the old phone to the new phone. The CSR had me give him the IMEI phone number and the new Verizon SIM number. He said the Apple SE iPhone was not compatible with TF since it had a "virtual SIM" and the Verizon SIM card I had would not work. I told him before I ever called I went to the TF Website and verified the phone would work and it was GOOD. He told me TF is not set up to deal with "virtual SIMS" and I would need to find another provider. Seriously ?

I re-called TF to get another CSR and try again. The young lady who took the call knew exactly what to do and within 10 minutes we had transferred to the new iPhone SE, checked to make sure all the functions worked, and checked the account and made sure the correct data was showing. She was superb and pleasant to work with.

I'm not sure what is going on with TF and a phone that has been available since 2022. I'm only posting so that others who may find themselves in a similar situation know that you can use the Apple iPhone SE with TF but you may encounter CSR's who are giving incorrect information.
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