A tale of the most annoying phone ever

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A tale of the most annoying phone ever

Postby Nygeldesign » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:13 am

Back about 6 years ago here in Oregon, anyone with low income and food stamps could apply to SafeLink (who's parent company is TracFone) and get a free basic phone along with 200 minutes and texts each month. It was very useful.

After about 2 years, they unfortunately stopped offering the service here. So then I started buying SafeLink branded airtime cards.

After another year of that, the cards were only still available online, so I bought them there. Another year later, I would buy the airtime, but for some reason the it wouldn't apply correctly to the phone.

So then... I would have to contact support, explain the situation, say "yes... I am aware SafeLink is no longer available here thats why I'm buying airtime" repeat steps one and two a few times, and they would finally apply the time to the phone...
I dealt with that extremely annoying process for another year or so, and now we're here where the SafeLink airtime cards are no longer able to be used. I was informed by support that the phone now counts entirely as a TracFone so I would now need to purchase TracFone branded airtime.

That would be great... but when I try to do so through the website I'm redirected to the SafeLink page with the no longer applicable cards... sure fine.. so I buy a nonrefundable card in a store, bring it home, call it in and enter the code and I'm told that this airtime is not compatible with my device...

I figured well damnit, I can just contact support and they should work it out for me. I was wrong. They just refused to do anything at all. Super helpful support...

So now what do I do? should I just go ahead and go F myself?

Naturally I would just buy a new phone, but I'm poor AF... so am I really just out of options after all this struggle, or are there some magic words I can speak to the support team that will keep this garbage phone alive for a bit longer?
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