Z353VL (ZTE Cymbal T) - android+flip keypad "go" function?

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Z353VL (ZTE Cymbal T) - android+flip keypad "go" function?

Postby wb0gaz » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:03 am

New tracfone user with ZTE Z353VL (aka ZTE Cymbal T) flip/android phone. This is the flip phone with android display but also offers keypad for dialing and "T9" style text input (which is why I choise tracfone and this phone). This is not one of the "linux" versions; this is specifically sold as Android 5.1.1 based phone.)

I am looking for which key (on the keypad) performs the equivalent of "enter", "go", or other action after input of text to a field. I bought this phone/service specifically to get android capability but not rely exclusively on typing on glass (which I detest). The keypad serves quite well for text input (using T9, ABC, Abc or 123 input modes), so I'm "almost there" in terms of function and capability I wanted with this phone.

For example, when I fill in a field in a form on a web page using a browser on android, I can enter the characters I want by pressing appropriate (0..9, *, #) keys on the keypad, but I need to use the touch screen to enter the action (i.e,. right-pointing arrow) function to cause the form field to be acted on by the web site.

I looked through the user manual, and there is almost nothing found (did I overlook it?) on the physical keypad operation (it gives much detail about typing on glass "touchpal".)
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