Reguarding my previous message.

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Reguarding my previous message.

Postby Cornelius » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:12 pm

Was I in some manner unclear? I'm looking for a list of the cellphones
that you sell that have wifi calling capability. If you can point to that
information, I'd be grateful.

I'd be happy to talk to a tech about my problem, but I don't think chatting
with a customer service rep will do any thing but waste both of our times.

I am unable to use my phone in my house. It is a LGL44VL. It uses Verizon.
I bought it because a new Verizon tower was put in service about 1.5 miles
from my home. My indoor signal strength is about -105. The phone seems
to be connecting to further away towers. I tried to update the local towers
for Verizon, but that's not possible on your phones.

I would like to see a list of possible wifi enabled phones to see if I'm willing
to pay for a phone that I can use in my home. I don't think Tracfone will
buy me a cell signal booster for my home.

If the only way to get that information is to do the chat thing, I guess I will.
Tracfone can be difficult to get info from, this kind of stuff should be on
your web page.

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